The colour and the shape of Rubik's World DS revealed

Thinking inside the cube

The colour and the shape of Rubik's World DS revealed
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There have already been a number of Rubik's Cube games on mobile (such as Rubik's Numbolution and Rubik's Bloxx Twister) so it makes sense for another pocket gaming platform, the DS, to finally get its own version of the colourful, twisted box of tricks.

Called Rubik's World, it's in development at Dutch studio Two Tribes, which did the honours on Worms: Open Warfare 2. The publisher is The Game Factory.

Obviously it's a puzzle-based mini-game affair but the twist seems to be the way in which it gets you to think about environmental building blocks. "Players will test their brainpower by constructing shapes and objects, navigating through mazes and even creating their own soundtracks", the press release informs us.

Indeed, over on Newsweek's game blog Level Up, creative director Collin van Ginkel says:

"We basically take apart the Rubik's Cube, which consists of 27 separate cubes, and we make those little cubes the stars of the game."

In terms of the DS game, the cubes (or cubies) operate in 2D (they will be 3D in the Wii version which is also in development), and you use them to construct various objects in the monochrome Rubik's world, which will then be available to populate throughout the game.

Meanwhile, the DS's microphone will apparently be used to create your own sound effects and there's the promise of an in-game music program so you can make some tunes.

Finally, it looks as if the game will also support the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as we're told the DS version will enable you to "connect to a community of Rubik's World enthusiasts through the wireless connection".

Rubik's World is currently due for release in the autumn

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