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Royal Revolt 2 Interview: Upright Games discusses its tower defence title’s 10th anniversary update

Royal Revolt 2 Interview: Upright Games discusses its tower defence title’s 10th anniversary update
  • Learn about the New Kingdom environment and other updates
  • How Royal Revolt 2 has managed to stay relevant
  • How Royal Revolt 2's community has contributed to its success

Besides the convenience and freedom that mobile games afford, the one thing that delights us most about the platform is how accommodating it is for the little guy. Mobile offers indie developers the ability to make games and find success like no other - so you can imagine how pleasing it is for us to see a game like Royal Revolt 2, the action-packed tower defence strategy title by Upright Games, prove that point by reaching its 10th anniversary!

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First released in March 2014, the ever popular strategy game improved upon the foundations of its predecessor and helped its Germany-based developer grow from strength to strength!

We took the opportunity to chat with Upright Games about Royal Revolt 2’s recent 10th anniversary update, and what lies ahead for its fans.

How much has changed in Royal Revolt 2 since it launched 10 years ago?

Wow! It’s been a fun decade, to say the least. The most notable thing this year so far: we just recently opened the gates to an entirely new world with a second server. The “New Kingdom” is a fresh environment for everyone to form alliances, wage wars, and climb leaderboards, while the story also expands in the “Eternal Kingdom.”

At its core, the game has retained its unique blend of tower defense and offensive strategy mechanics that made it stand out in the first place. But to stay relevant, Royal Revolt 2 adapted to contemporary preferences by: expanding the multiplayer components, introducing new modes, challenges, and ways for players to interact and compete against each other. Seasonal events and special challenges have also kept the game fresh with new content and regular rewards.

Surprisingly, the nature of a decade-long live game has led to changes and evolutions in ways that we did not originally anticipate. Today, our medieval fantasy game includes many elements that one might not expect, such as zombies, mechs, and unicorns. This diversification has added a magical and unpredictable element to the game that continues to enchant and engage our players and us in new ways.

What were your expectations for RR2 when it launched? Did you ever imagine it would continue to be so popular?

We were passionate about the project from the very beginning. Our initial aspirations were to provide players with a unique gaming experience that blended tower defence and strategy in a way that was accessible yet challenging. We also hoped to create a vibrant community of players who would enjoy the game's content and competitive aspects.

A decade later, the longevity and continued popularity of Royal Revolt 2 surpassed all our initial expectations, and we are incredibly proud of this. Pouring all our hearts into this has proved genuinely a fulfilling adventure.

We were always confident in the game’s potential to capture the players' interest. Nonetheless, we are in awe of the extent to which the gaming community has embraced it and feel motivated by the passionate culture that has grown around it.

What has been the key to maintaining that popularity?

The Royal Revolt 2 journey is an incredible experience, marked by the game's ability to adapt and grow over time. It's a testament to the game's quality, our team's passion, dedication, and the invaluable input from our players. All these together shaped Royal Revolt 2 into the beloved title it is today.

We like to think our focus on creating a balanced, fair, and competitive environment has encouraged a healthy scene within the game. Our live operations team works tirelessly to maintain the dynamic game and provides innovative content and events that promote engagement. Regular updates, introducing new features, characters, and challenges, have kept the game fresh and exciting for new players and the dedicated community with us since the beginning.

All of this would have been impossible without our unwavering commitment to our community and our continuous efforts to innovate within the game. We've always believed in the importance of listening to our player base, taking their feedback into serious consideration, and refining our ability to make informed decisions based on data. Over time, we've significantly enhanced our proficiency in this aspect.

Which aspect of Royal Revolt 2 are you personally most proud of?

Personally, I am most proud of the community that has formed around Royal Revolt 2. Seeing players from all over the world come together, sharing strategies, forming alliances, and even friendships is incredibly rewarding. The game has become more than just a title people play; it's a place where people share experiences, achievements, and sometimes even personal milestones.

Lastly, what new content can fans look forward to as part of its anniversary update?

In Upright Games Studio, we are BIG on celebrating milestones! The entire month of March was marked by special in-game anniversary events, and a wealth of new content was designed to honor the journey of Royal Revolt 2 over the past decade.

We introduced new levels for every element in the game, as well as new rune and perk slots that will offer entirely new and fresh strategic options. All for the entertainment of our players.

From where we stand now, the next decade will be even more exciting than the previous one. The Royal Revolt Universe is ever-inspiring, and we already have a lot of ideas lined up for the following years.

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