Rounders Poker heads for mobile

Multiplayer poker game will test your card skills

Rounders Poker heads for mobile
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Rounders Poker? It sounds like a crazy sporting mash-up to us, but sadly the game isn't an attempt to marry poker with the rubbish British version of baseball. Someone should do that, though.

Rounders Poker is actually a poker game based on the cult film Rounders. We haven't seen it, but IMDB's plot keywords include 'poker', 'loud shirt', 'prison', 'Russian accent', 'female nudity' and 'barbershop', so it sounds a winner.

The game pitches you into a series of head-to-head poker matches, with a storyline wrapped around it featuring characters from the film to give a bit of depth.

However the interesting aspect is the online multiplayer mode, for which developer Nazara has been working with tech firm Exit Games. You'll be able to create your own character (with a promised 600 million possible variations), and take on the rest of the world.

Other online features will include buddy lists to keep track of your friends or favourite opponents, in-game chat, and the ability to send invites to friends to play the game.

The game comes out this summer in the US as a BREW game, but is due out for Java handsets in the autumn, which will presumably include a European release.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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