Ronnie O'Sullivan screws back for new mobile snooker game

It's the return of The Rocket, complete with career mode

Ronnie O'Sullivan screws back for new mobile snooker game

It's a shame snooker isn't as big a TV sport as it used to be: there's something quite hypnotic about watching balls clacking about on your telly, and we quite liked the novelty songs. On the other hand, the sport's decline helped boot Jim Davidson off prime-time.

Anyway, enough preamble. Player One's Ronnie O'Sullivan Snooker was great when it came out around this time last year, to tie in with the World Championship, and it still out-pots more recent efforts like I-play's World Snooker Championship.

Now The Rocket's back with his second mobile game, called logically enough Ronnie O'Sullivan's Snooker 2007. The core of the game this time is a career mode, where you start in a local snooker bar and have to work your way up the ranks, ultimately qualifying for an international tournament.

Along the way, you get to earn cash by taking on other players, competing in time challenges, and performing trick shots.

The game sees you aiming in top-down mode before watching the shot in 3D, and it will also feature other modes besides the career option.

It's out this month – click 'Track It' to get an email when we've figured out if it's a maximum break or an incompetent foul.