Snooker Loopy Nuts Are We…

Cue-chalking action on your phone with The Rocket

Snooker Loopy Nuts Are We…

God bless Ronnie O’Sullivan. Not only is he a genius, but he’s a wayward genius to boot – a truly complex sporting hero for our times. Well, he’s certainly more interesting than Steve Davis anyway, who has so far been the highest-profile snooker star to put their name to a mobile game.

But Ronnie's on the case and his game is being published by Player One. One of its key selling points is that it uses a clever 3D engine without requiring you to have one of those swanky new 3D-capable handsets. Which, for all the press release blurb about fully-filled polygons and wire-frame modes, doesn’t hide the fact that I-play’s 3D Pool did a similar thing well over a year ago.

But enough sarcasm. O’Sullivan’s game certainly looks the part, with proper rules and accurate (so they say) ball and cue physics. There’s a full championship to compete in, as well as a Snooker Hall mode where you take on Ronnie and friends in a bunch of challenges, including trick shots.

If you’re a fan of The Rocket – and there are plenty of ‘em – this looks set to tickle your pockets when it comes out in the next few weeks.