E3 2013: Sega confirms that mobile version of Ron Gilbert's The Cave will be playable at E3

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E3 2013: Sega confirms that mobile version of Ron Gilbert's The Cave will be playable at E3

As we're sure all of you know, this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (or 'E3' to its mates) begins in earnest in an hour or so with Microsoft's big press conference.

But you're not interested in "Xbone this" and "Kinect 2.0" that, though, are you? Oh, you are?! Oh.

Anyway, on the E3 show floor this week - alongside the likes of Ubisoft, Activision, and Square Enix - will be a little-known Japanese game developer called Sega. (You might know the company's mascot. Yeh, Alex Kidd.)

Rather helpfully for those NOT in Los Angeles over the next four days, this aforementioned Sega company has posted a list of all the games it is planning to showcase at this year's E3 event.

So, alongside the Wii U- and 3DS-exclusive Sonic Lost World, Sega will be showing off four high-profile games, one of which is the mobile version of the 5-month-old console game The Cave.

Caved in

Coming from the creative mind of adventure game guru Ron Gilbert - whose previous work includes Monkey Island and the recently launched iOS game Scurvy Scallywags - The Cave follows seven characters on a journey of atonement through the depths of the titular cavern.

Each of the seven characters has its own unique skill, so there are a range of solutions to the various puzzles they encounter as they explore The Cave's world.

Almost half a year may have elapsed since The Cave debuted on home consoles, but the game's humour and highly accessible gameplay should be a good fit for mobile.

As for target mobile platforms for The Cave, we already know that the game is heading to Ouya. In the past, Gilbert has admitted that he would also like to see The Cave on iOS. Technical limitations may preclude it from coming to pass, mind.

Hopefully, we'll get confirmation on release dates, platforms, and prices from Sega and / or Gilbert over the coming days.

Alexander Beech
Alexander Beech
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