Rogue Trooper soldiers onto mobile

2000AD meets 2006

Rogue Trooper soldiers onto mobile
| Rogue Trooper

Rogue Trooper is coming to mobile, courtesy of a joint operation involving publisher Player One and developers Rockpool Games and Rebellion.

The blue-hued talking-gadget wearing 2000AD GI successfully made the transition to the home consoles and PC earlier this year, having been appearing in the 2000AD comic since 1981. His is the everyday story of life as the sole survivor of a double-crossed genetically engineered squad of genetic infantry, designed to fight in the ruined battlefields of the future, carrying the experience and vengeful intent of his murdered squad mates embedded in his rifle, helmet and backpack.

The mobile game is, rather more prosaically, a topdown shooter, offering seven levels of problem-solving tasks and puzzles. You'll have to find tripwires, minefields, teleports and unlock computer terminals in order to open doors and bridges, and use an array of available weapons in your hunt for the duplicitous general who sent your squadmates to their doom.

Not surprisingly, Gunner, Helm and Bagman, your embedded comrades, are also along for the ride, offering advice and so forth as you advance. (As, doubtless, will your friends, when they interrupt you in the middle of a crucial assault to ask if you fancy watching the England game.)

Rogue Trooper will hit the operators hard from the end of June.