Rocket League Sideswipe launches Season 7 with an overhaul of the Rocket Pass

Rocket League Sideswipe launches Season 7 with an overhaul of the Rocket Pass

Psyonix has announced that Rocket League Sideswipe’s Season 7 has officially kicked off. This season is set to be a special one because it completely changes the way the Rocket Pass functions in addition to modifications to the Ranked Mode and a Collections feature too.

Season 7 of Rocket League Sideswipe offers a brand new way of levelling up. With it, Rocket Pass progression will no longer reset between seasons, offering players a permanent way of tracking progress and earning items instead of trying to grind everything in a limited time.

As players level up, they will earn various different types of Rocket Press Presents such as those for Body, Boosts, Decals, Explosions, Toppers, Wheels, and more, which will contain an assortment of Rocket Pass Items from the past and in-game currency. Additionally, a new Token Shop will be introduced, which contains Season Presents that include rewards from all the past six seasons.

With the season becoming restricted to eight weeks, several changes are coming to Ranked Mode as well. Ranks will now reset to the first tier of the rank reached in the previous season instead of a hard reset. This will allow players to climb up the ladder fairly quickly considering that there is lesser time overall now.

The 3v3 Ranked Mode also makes a glorious return in season 7. These matches will take place in the Longfield Arena which has been built to accommodate six feisty cars. The Collections feature is another core addition this season. A newly added Collection Tab will keep track of all the garage items players gather, with rewards for them too.

For example, collecting all Boosts will unlock the Gold Rush Boost, wheels will unlock the Goldstone Wheels, and so on. Chromatic Painted versions will be made available for collecting all colours of a particular item and players that manage to collect every time painted item will be rewarded with a super exclusive tile that can be used in both Sideswipe and Rocket League.

Hop into Season 7 and score some goals by downloading Rocket League Sideswipe now for free.

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Tanish Botadkar
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