Barack Obama gets musical iPhone game

Presidential candidate pops his best dance moves

Barack Obama gets musical iPhone game
| Rock Obama

This time tomorrow, Barack Obama could be the president-elect of the United States of America. But more importantly, he's also getting his own iPhone dance game.

It's called Rock Obama, and it's being created by Sad Ninja, a collective of comedy writers, musicians, producers and game developers.

The free game sees Obama on-stage, trying to boost his popularity at a rally by... dancing! As podiums rise from the floor, you have to move him left and right by tilting your iPhone - while tapping the screen to make him dance and sing.

It makes more sense when you watch it:

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The free game is being released to promote Sad Ninja's comedy web-film Rock Obama: The Barack Obama Musical, and Sad Ninja's Geoffrey Plitt tells us it's due to be submitted to the App Store "shortly".