[Update] Win big with Pocket Gamer by racing to victory in Riptide GP 2

Gamer X is back! And with loads of prizes (Updated with final leaderboard)

[Update] Win big with Pocket Gamer by racing to victory in Riptide GP 2
| Riptide GP 2

Mark really enjoyed his time reviewing Riptide GP 2. So much so, in fact, that he handed the splishy splashy jet ski arcade racer a much-coveted Bronze Award back in July.

Since then, we've been putting together a spectacular Riptide GP 2-related Gamer X competition for you. Yes, even more spectacular than our Worms 3 competition.

If you're expecting to find big prizes on offer here for anyone who finishes on our Gamer X podium (and even for a few who don't), you won't be disappointed.

Without further ado, then, read on for how to enter this insane competition.

How to enter

So, what do you have to do to take part? It couldn't be simpler, really.

All you need to do to enter this amazing competition is the following...

  • Add 'Pocket Gamer X' as a Friend on Game Center.
  • Fire up Riptide GP 2 on iOS, and post the best time you can on Harbor Master (found under the VR Challenges game mode).
  • Post your score in the comments section at the bottom of this article along with your Game Center ID.

See? Easy.

We'll then take a look at the best times posted on Pocket Gamer, confer with the people behind Riptide GP 2 to ensure the posted times are genuine, and announce the winners at 4pm (GMT) on December 23rd.

Updated on December 23rd, at 17:10: I always had faith in you, Pocket Gamers.

Over the last few days, we've seen you post some incredible Riptide GP 2 times on Game Center. And then some.

As a result, our final Riptide GP 2 leaderboard looks like this...

  • Ross Griffiths - 1:45.06
  • Erik Choong - 1:48.17
  • Puilam Cupcake - 1:49.42

Those times are, in fact, the 4th, 21st, and 34th, respectively, fastest times recorded on Game Center for this game on the global leaderboards. That's a bit nuts. Congrats to all three of you!

Before I go, congratulations, too, to our three randomly selected winners. Each of these folks wins a Pile of Money voucher for 350k of in-game currency just for taking part in this Gamer X competition.

Those three randomly selected winners are: Isabella Chiu (isabellabbchu), Kohrui Heng (TouchNanaGames), and Adrian Roberts (Adrenius).

Thanks again to all our entrants. Gamer X will return in the new year.

*Note: could all of the winners please send an email to Gamer X's personal account with a screenshot of their Game Center ID as proof of entry.

Updated on December 13th, at 11:36: We know it's Christmas, and everyone's busy around this time of year, but I'm rather disappointed at the turnout for this competition. I know.

We've had just two legitimate entries to date. Oh, and one entrant hasn't posted its time at the bottom of this article yet.

That means that the two competitors below are guaranteed the top prizes at the moment. Unless, of course, YOU decide you want to win some of our awesome prizes.

Anyway, the times that have been registered so far are...

  • Puilam Cupcake - 2:03.41
  • Kohrui Heng - 2:03.48

As always in these Gamer X competitions, we have some awesome prizes to give away to the players responsible for the best times / scores.

What are those prizes? Well...

  • 1st prize - 1x Riptide GP 2 T-shirt; signed poster; and Serious Money voucher for 800k in-game currency
  • 2nd prize - 1x Riptide GP 2 T-shirt; signed poster; and Pile of Money voucher for 350k in-game currency
  • 3rd prize - 1x Riptide GP 2 signed poster; Pile of Money voucher for 350k in-game currency
  • Special prizes - We're also going to give three randomly selected entrants a special prize just for entering and leaving a comment. They'll get 1x Pile of Money vouchers for 350k of in-game currency each. So, even if you can't crack the top three, it's worth submitting your score.

Good luck, everyone!

Competition rules

  • The competition closes on December 23rd, 2013, at 4pm GMT, and no entries will be accepted after this date.
  • The winner will be notified by email shortly after the closing date of the competition.
  • Pocket Gamer parent company Steel Media's decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the winners of the competition.
  • By entering, you agree to the official rules and Steel Media's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
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