iOS version of Riptide GP 2 makes a splash with 99c / 69p sale

Water way to save

iOS version of Riptide GP 2 makes a splash with 99c / 69p sale
| Riptide GP 2

Jet ski racers command a fierce and loyal following from their fans.

Softer on corners and a bit more difficult to control than your basic driving game, a good jet ski racer - like the Bronze Award-winning Riptide GP 2 - is one that you need to play to fully appreciate.

Now you can play it for a lot less, as it's dropped its price from $2.99 / £1.99 down to 99c / 69p for a limited time. There's a catch to the sale, however as it's only in place for iOS at the moment.

Jet ski joyride

In our review of Riptide GP 2, we called it "a rather thrilling little racer, with plenty to keep you engaged as you hurtle around its watery courses".

The downside we noted, however, was its "grueling difficulty" which nudges you into buying upgrades and, perhaps, indulging in a few in-app purchases.

If you're ok with that, or possess a strong enough will to avoid IAPs and grind through previously beaten levels to earn cash, Riptide GP 2 might be worth checking out - especially at its nicely discounted price.

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