Ridge Racer 3D on 3DS 'works similar to Mario Kart'

Drifting away from its roots?

Ridge Racer 3D on 3DS 'works similar to Mario Kart'
| Ridge Racer 3D

If you’re disappointed that Mario Kart won’t be making an appearance on the 3DS’s launch day, have no fear - Ridge Racer 3D could be an adequate replacement.

Well, according to Namco Bandai's Ryota Toyama, anyway.

The localisation producer for the title claims the 3DS iteration has been specifically designed to cater for young American tastes.

As a result, the game's controls have been simplified, which he concludes makes it accessible for players of all skill levels. Just like Mario Kart.

“We’ve introduced this easy one button drift system. It really works similar to Mario Kart,” said Toyama, “so these young audiences, young gamers, they’re familiar with how Mario Kart works, so it really helps to lower the entry barrier.”

Toyama also said that the game is not a port of an existing Ridge Racer title, but has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of the 3DS’s unique features.

Sticking with the US theme, there were also mentions from Toyama of a track in Miami that ran along the coast, a race that went through Nevada-esque mountains, and a range of American muscle cars at your disposal.

It's worth noting that although Ridge Racer 3D has been confirmed as a US launch title, it’s not yet clear whether Europeans will also get the game on release day.

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