Nintendo eShop update causes Ridge Racer 3D bug

Problem to be resolved in 'mid-June' patch

Nintendo eShop update causes Ridge Racer 3D bug
| Ridge Racer 3D

Nintendo's technical support website has issued an important notice concerning Ridge Racer 3D, after discovering that the eStore update - which launches in the US and Japan later today, and across Europe from tomorrow - causes a problem in Namco's thrilling arcade racer.

"[I]t has been confirmed that under certain circumstances when making a selection before the race starts in 'Grand Prix'in 'Single Play' mode of the Ridge Racer 3D game, the screen sometimes freezes," Nintendo says.

The format-holder has an unusual solution to the problem, though: "If you do not install the system update at this time, the symptom will not occur."

However, Nintendo also promises that a system update "in mid June [...] should take care of this matter."

It seems the problem occurs when users press the B button to return from the Race Selection or Machine Selection screens, which "may cause the screen to freeze." Nintendo informs users to "press and hold the Power button and turn the system off then retry."

Fortunately, the problem doesn't appear to affect save data, though for those who enjoyed whizzing around Seaside Route 765 et al in glorious 3D, it's an inconvenience we could do without.

Chris Schilling
Chris Schilling
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