AvatarLabs' music-based hover racer Rhythm Racer 2 jets onto Android

Rhythm's gonna get ya

AvatarLabs' music-based hover racer Rhythm Racer 2 jets onto Android
| Rhythm Racer 2

Where Tap Tap Revenge bought rhythm-action to the touchscreen, AvatarLab's twisted the concept, combining it with Wipeout-style racing in Rhythm Racer 2.

So having gained over one million iOS downloads and being the #1 music game in 67 countries, the game is now zooming over to Android.

Available for free on the Android Market and Amazon's Appstore for Android, Rhythm Racer 2 is free-to-play and comes with seven music tracks.

As per the iOS version, you have to steer your craft around its low gravity racetrack picking up objects in time to the music.

Toe and finger tappin'

"We strive on being early adopters and are thrilled to be one of the first developers to deliver a high-end 3D game for the Android platform," said Rex Cook, AvatarLabs' CEO.

"The Rhythm Racer games have had a tremendous amount of success on the Apple iOS and we look forward to entertaining new audiences."

Rhythm Racer 2 is ad-supported so free to download for phones and tablets running Android 2.2 or better.

Here's the trailer from the iOS version.

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