Revolve8 cheats and tips - Earning books and levelling heroes fast

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| Revolve8: Episodic Duelling
Revolve8 cheats and tips - Earning books and levelling heroes fast

Get books, earn paper, knowledge is power

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In Sega's new anime strategy, Revolve8, you'll be opening up plenty of books in order to get what you need to power up your heroes.

Yep, the books are basically loot boxes. And that means you need ways to get as many as you can without paying a penny, right? Exactly, that's why we're here.

We're breaking down all the ways you can earn books. There are timers, rewards, free and of course paid books to look through, and each of them can be available to you without having to spend any of your own money, of course.

In order to get the valuable materials you need to power up your heroes and keep them ready to plough through the most fearsome of opponents, you'll need to open as many books as possible. The game gives a bunch to you, but you'll have to work for them.

Read on for all the essential information on how to get books in Revolve8, and while you're here, take a look at our full list of Revolve8 heroes and cards.

League books

The first thing you should know about books is that the contents of each book will differ greatly based on your league. The higher the league you're in, the better the contents of books.

In fact, many heroes and cards will be unavailable to you until you manage to rise through the leagues, and even books in the shop will become available to purchase as you progress.

From each league match you win, you'll get a book to open on a timer. Early on you'll get books that open in five minutes, but it won't be long until it takes more like eight hours to open a single book, and more than that.

Open the quick books first, and make sure to load up a long timer book before you log off for the night.

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Free books

Free is my favourite, honestly, and it should be yours too. Every day check the shop, because there will be at least one book available for free.

It won't have the best contents, but for the price of free it's well worth it, obviously.

It's just part of the routine you should take up when you start up the game. Log in, and start getting books.

Tower books

You can get Tower books by winning league matches, though they're not infinite. After you open one, you'll get a twelve hour timer before opening another.

But Tower books can have incredibly good loot compared to other books, and so it's worth getting ten wins as fast as you can to earn a book each time it's available.

Of course, you'll likely complete this as you try to league up, but make it a target.


Buying books

Buying books can be a bit more complicated - and expensive. They require 300 crystals, and books with better loot that you'll unlock cost much, much more. And it's hard to earn that much premium currency.

It can feel like an uphill battle, which is why the advice from me is to save your crystals for as long as you can.

Eventually you'll have access to the best books in the shop, and can make your own judgement on how to spend your earned crystals. Just save up plenty!

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