Revolve8 cheats and tips - Everything you need to climb up leagues

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| Revolve8: Episodic Duelling
Revolve8 cheats and tips - Everything you need to climb up leagues

Essential strategies you need to know

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Revolve8 is a brand new strategic PVP game from Sega, and we love its anime inspired action and gameplay.

If you haven't gotten started yet, and we recommend you do, we've got a bunch of tips to help you put together a deck and more.

This right here will help you move up through the leagues in Revolve8. Important strategies that will carry you through early leagues, before moving on to more complex decks and tactics.

There's a lot to learn in Revolve8, but this guide outlines all the basics you need to overwhelm early opponents.

You'll have to wield tanks, attackers, ranged fighters, minions and more in order to win, but we'll tell you everything you need to know.

On top of that, going up to new leagues makes more cards and heroes available to you. The answer is obvious, right? Read on to find out how to league up in Revolve8, and fast.


What's your move?

Your first move may well decide how the battle plays out, and as such, you should be incredibly cautious before making one. No, even more cautious than that.

In fact? Just wait until your opponent either makes a move, or until you get maximum ink.

That way you can happily throw down a couple of heroes, and quickly follow those up with minions if you so desire - assuming you have a deck which has all the necessary pieces in it.

Waiting until I get maximum ink has often saved me in games, as the early forces of my heroes overwhelm the opponent until they're unable to recover. The early damage done to towers has been essential in several victories.

Revolve8 isn't that tough, especially if you can summon quickly. Same with that you can summon many units quickly if you have multiple with low summon costs in your deck.

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Tank up front, range in the back

It's a strategy as old as time, throw the tank up front, and get a ranged fighter behind them. And damn it, it works.

What's important to note in Revolve8 is that tanks tend to walk quite slowly, and so it might be a good idea to place your quicker ranged fighters a good deal behind them, with fast DPS close behind.

Where you position units to summon will be as important as their position in battle.

Small army

You can summon smaller units - minions - pretty quickly, and they can deal damage fast. Not only this, they're useful for one particular instance.

Minions, when there's lots of them, are great for taking on tanks. High defence is great, but when you're getting multiple of attacks every second, health still goes down very quickly. That's why minions are great.

Minions spawning huts can be useful in backing up your heroes, though minions can also be taken out quickly with AOE attacks.


Skilful play

We mentioned that minions take down tanks, and remembering which units can stand up to which units is important, and using those advantages against your opponent is important too.

Ranged fighters, for example, can hit aerial fighters. Grounded fighters will be helpless against them. As such, only having grounded heroes will end very badly for you.

You'll need to be able to counter every type of unit and play - overwhelming opponents so they can't use enough ink to execute these plays is your goal.

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