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Reventure, the critically acclaimed comedy adventure game, launches for iOS and Android

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Reventure, the critically acclaimed comedy adventure game, launches for iOS and Android
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Reventure, one of 2019's most popular indies, has suddenly launched for iOS and Android as a premium title. Developer Pixelatto's 2D hit is one of the most inventive adventure games to come along in some time, turning the genre on its head while offering dozens of opportunities for player experimentation.

There are a hundred different endings to uncover as you go about exploring its non-linear map. Testing the game's boundaries is the big draw here, as you constantly mess around with its logic to see what wild outcomes you can achieve.

While it delights in poking fun at RPG and adventure game tropes, it still offers a solid take on both genres. As you continue along on your adventure (or adventures), you'll come across well-hidden costumes and playable characters.

The labyrinthine world can be traversed using a mix of our hero's items. You've got bombs and even a hookshot at your disposal, allowing you to explore every nook and cranny of the map or uncover hidden routes aplenty.

Interestingly, the developers can be found tucked away in the game's world. I'm told that you can kill them if you so please. Another fun fact: Reventure was originally called "Lonk's Adventure". As you might have guessed, this was changed to avoid any possible legal issues.

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To say this one launched to a warm critical and fan reception would be an understatement – everyone seemed to outright love it. Its Steam user reviews are 95% positive, and its Switch port boasts an impressive 83 on aggregate site Metacritic.

I played a fair bit of it at launch last year and had a great time. If you're looking for something smart, funny, and different, you'll find Reventure available for purchase now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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