Retro Goal, the 90s-inspired football simulator, goes free-to-play with new optional purchasable mode instead

Retro Goal, the 90s-inspired football simulator, goes free-to-play with new optional purchasable mode instead
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Developer New Star Games has announced that its retro-inspired football (or soccer for American gamers) game, Retro Goal, is set up to go entirely free-to-play for its Career Mode. Previously, the game had a time limit on how much of the single-player mode you could enjoy for free, but that is now gone, and you can experience all of it from start to finish without paying a single cent!

Retro Goal is a game inspired by the likes of legendary classics like Tecmo Bowl or the first few Madden games back in the 90s, and wears that on its sleeve. Sporting a pixelated 2D art style, this football sim sees you, well, playing some good old classic football! Whether in the single-player career mode or online versus other players, there’s something for every fan of the sport here.

And now, you can take part in every section of the game for absolutely no cost! Rather than having to spend a fee to experience what the game has to offer, the core gameplay loop now requires absolutely nothing but a download, and is instead giving players the option to purchase the new “Unlimited Mode”.

This mode includes a good bit, but nothing that will take away from the meat of Retro Goal. Instead, you’ll get some additional premium currency, a Global Championship Tournament Mode, additional difficulty options as well as Season length options, weather effects, and more!

All of the additions are nice, but it’s wonderful to see the game pivot to this free-to-play model so everyone can get a taste of one of the best retro sports titles on mobile. If you have been waiting to check it out yourself, you can now do so for free by downloading it at either of the links below this article!

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