Resident Evil Game Boy Color ROMs finally released from captivity

Dead ROM walking

Resident Evil Game Boy Color ROMs finally released from captivity

Regular visitors to our site will recall our reporting recently on an online auction which aimed to crowdsource $2,000 to secure the release of two previously unseen Game Boy Color ROMs of Resident Evil.

It would appear that the community done good.

As we kinda suspected it might be, the $2,000 ransom was raised well before the auction's February 29th deadline. Thus, the anonymous 'owner' of the Resident Evil ROMs has posted a download link to these precious(-ish) pieces of video gaming heritage on the fundraiser's ASSEMbler forum thread.

Those who have had a chance to fire the ROMs up say that the near-completed game plays surprisingly similarly to its PlayStation namesake.

Beyond the grave

Our own Mark Brown gave his impressions on the port, saying, "it's a very pretty game, and it's amazing to see the original Resident Evil recreated with such ridiculous limitations."

Unfortunately, he also mentioned that the game is hamstrung by extremely shonky controls, which would go some way to explaining why it wasn't released in the first place.

Whether you agree or disagree with the anonymous owner's money-making tactics, this Resi rarity is now in the public domain, giving franchise obsessives a unique glimpse at what could have been.