Forum member holds ROMs of unfinished Resident Evil Game Boy Colour port hostage

Wants $2,000 before Feb 29th to secure public release

Forum member holds ROMs of unfinished Resident Evil Game Boy Colour port hostage

A member of the ASSEMbler forum is offering to release an unfinished Game Boy Color port of Resident Evil.

Before you clamber into your attic and start searching for your GBC charger, this is not an official release. Far from it.

ASSEMbler forum member Kiff claims that an unidentified third party is in possession of two GBC ROMs containing different near-finished builds of Capcom's abandoned Resident Evil port.

According to the post, the two ROMs feature different item slots and load functions, and only one offers both Chris and Jill as playable characters.

While the video game historians among you may already be foaming at the mouth, there's a small caveat.

You're going to have to work for your meal

The anonymous 'owner' of these ROMs wants $2,000 before he is willing to put them in the public domain. Apparently acting on behalf of the owner, Kiff has posted his email address so that Resi completists can send PayPal donations in the hope of getting their hands on these ultra-rare builds.

Without wanting to sound like a complete killjoy, I am duty bound to highlight the dubious legality of this little 'fundraiser'.

While the owner claims to be taking a loss, he ultimately stands to make $2,000 for ransoming off a game he didn't make and distributing it without the developer's permission. Providing, of course, these ROMs exist at all.

The 'fundraiser' ends at midnight on February 29th, and with $1,498.63 already in the pool, there's a good chance the seller will reach his target. What happens after that is anyone's guess.