How did crappy game Red Bouncing Ball Spikes become the Top Paid app in 24 hours?

Something's fishy...

How did crappy game Red Bouncing Ball Spikes become the Top Paid app in 24 hours?

For the second time this month, a simple game with rubbish graphics has shot to the top of the App Store charts.

This time, it's the 69p / 99c platformer Red Bouncing Ball Spikes.

It rocketed up to the #1 spot on the US App Store literally overnight on January 30th, and has stayed near the top ever since.

Funny thing is, though, the game debuted way back in December 2012. It was then updated on January 30th, 2014, the same day it went to #1.

Template for success?

Over on Reddit, one eagle-eyed gamer noticed that Red Bouncing Ball Spikes is actually just a GameSalad template app that you can purchase for $10. It's called "Red Ball Template".

We emailed the supposed developer of Red Bouncing Ball Spikes, Louis Leidenfrost, to find out how his game shot to the top of the US App Store.

He told us: "I don't want to give my advertisement strategies away."

The question on everyone's minds is whether this game got to the top legitimately or whether the developer has found an exploit in the system to enable him to artificially boost his game's stats.

Top of the charts

Getting to the top of the three App Store charts (Paid, Free, and Grossing) is still an incredibly effective way to reach players. Discoverability is, after all, considered by many the key to success.

In the past, though, Apple has worked hard to prevent unscrupulous developers and publishers from cheating their way to the upper ranks of the charts.

Now, then, all eyes will be on the US Top Paid charts over the next few days to see if Red Bouncing Ball Spikes can remain at the top of the tree.

Your move, Apple?

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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