Red and Blue's latest blog post discusses the different attributes of the cards themselves

Still aiming for a Q2 2020 launch

Red and Blue's latest blog post discusses the different attributes of the cards themselves

Brilliant Games and Hex Entertainment are very keen to ensure people are well-informed about their upcoming strategic card game. They've previously provided a huge lore dump but this week they're focusing on the details of the cards themselves.

The latest blog post breaks down the different attributes you'll see on the cards and what this means. There's the usual stuff you'll likely be familiar with such as card cost, rarity and name but there is one part of the cards that stands out as being a little different which is 'Threshold'.

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Each deck will have three elemental slots that you can dedicate to one of the game's four elements – Fire, Earth, Water and Air. A card's 'Threshold' will determine how many slots you'll have to dedicate to a particular element to include it in your deck. For instance, if you have a Fire card with a Threshold of two, you'll need to have two of your elemental slots dedicated to Fire.

That means your third slot could be for Water elemental cards but you would only be able to add the cards of that type that have a Threshold of one. So the trade-off will be if you want to have a variety of elements if your deck you'll need to use cards with a lower Threshold. Meanwhile, you could only use one element so you can use powerful cards with a Threshold of three but that will presumably have its own drawbacks to consider.

Hopefully, this will lead to a good deal of variety within the deck's people build. Given that there will be over 750 cards at launch split across these four elements so there is definitely potential for some creativity in your deck building. Though we know from other digital card games how quickly meta decks will emerge.

Red and Blue is set to release for both iOS and Android during Q2 of 2020. We don't have a more specific release date than that, nor do we know the pricing model but we'll be sure to update you when we have more information.

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