Get set for RealArcade 2-4-1 mobile game packs

Get two Playman or puzzle games for the price of one

Get set for RealArcade 2-4-1 mobile game packs
| RealArcade Pack 1

You're going to be hearing a lot more about the idea of '2-4-1' in the coming months. No, it's not Steve McClaren's backup formation if four England players get sent off (because that'd be 3-2-2, as any fule kno).

Rather, it's the term used to describe mobile operators offering you two mobile games from a publisher for the price of one. I-play is also doing it, but first to market is RealArcade with two different 2-4-1 packs.

The RealArcade Pack 1 contains two puzzle games, Gem Drop and PileUp!. They're both accessible, casual games using the traditional 'match-coloured-objects-to-make-them-disappear' gameplay mechanism.

Meanwhile, the Playman Pack 1 contains two ace athletics games, Playman Summer Games 2 and Playman Winter Games, which both feature one-thumb controls and well-tuned scoring systems.

It's an interesting way to give older mobile games a new lease of life, so watch out for them appearing on your operator portal soon.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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