Firemint talks 40-car Real Racing for iPhone 3GS

It might not stay as just a tech demo...

Firemint talks 40-car Real Racing for iPhone 3GS
| Real Racing

We reported this morning on Firemint's release of a video showing Real Racing running on an iPhone 3GS, with 40 cars on track instead of six. And pretty spiffing it was too.

But is it really destined to remain as a tech demo? talked to Firemint boss Rob Murray to find out, and there's good news.

"It is possible to do a 3GS specific version, and we intend to explore it further at Firemint," he says.

However, he points out that any developer making a whizzed-up version of their iPhone game for the 3GS faces a challenge in how they promote it to gamers.

"If you do differentiate the 3GS, you need to think carefully about how much noise to make about it," he says.

"If you make too much noise it may backfire with negative user reviews from non-3GS customers, if you don't promote it at all then you haven't really gotten full value out of your investment."

We hope Firemint and other developers manage to surmount those hurdles. Judging by the video, the iPhone 3GS has even more gaming grunt than we thought.

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