Scrum down with RBS 6 Nations 2007

England won't win in real life, but they can on your phone

Scrum down with RBS 6 Nations 2007
| RBS 6 Nations

Ah well, England may have been stuffed 5-0 in the Ashes, but at least we've got the Rugby World Cup to look forward to.

Okay, so we're hardly setting the world alight when it comes to egg-chasing either. But if you're into your rugby, you'll still be getting excited about the upcoming 6 Nations tournament, which acts as a key testing ground before the World Cup later this year.

Player One is releasing an official game to tie in with the 6 Nations competition, called RBS 6 Nations 2007. Naturally, you get to play as any of the six teams in one-off friendlies, or in the tournament itself.

The game takes an isometric perspective, and is full 15-on-15 action, which is an impressive feat. It includes all your favourite aspects of rugby, including passing, tackling, rucking, kicking, and gouging your opponent's eye while giving him a life-threatening wedgie and chewing off his nose. At least, we're hoping that last one's in there.

Player One's also promising commentary and weather conditions to add to the atmosphere.

RBS 6 Nations is out in late January, before the tournament kicks off in early February.