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A classic is back: The original Rayman is now out on mobile


A classic is back: The original Rayman is now out on mobile
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21 years. That's how long its been since Rayman, the original game, has been out. When it came out in 1995 it took the platforming world by storm with its brilliant art style and humour.

It featured lush worlds with different themes like food, music and more.

Created by Michel Ancel and the team at Ubisoft, it went on to spawn multiple titles and even a spin-off series that became its own thing.

On mobile, we do have some Rayman games that are absolutely gorgeous and one of the best examples of great mobile experiences. We even had a port of Rayman 2: The Great Escape that was taken down.

But today we're going back to the series' roots as Rayman Classic has been ported to iOS and is now out for £3.99.

I'm curious to see how the controls have been adapted to touch as the game was hard as nails on PC and PSX.

But at least you'll be able to use an MFi controller if you wish.

As we don't have a trailer for the mobile version yet, take a look at some gameplay footage from the original Rayman:

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