The original Rayman is getting a port, out this week


The original Rayman is getting a port, out this week
| Rayman Classic
Update on February 17th at 16:01: Ubisoft just confirmed with a Tweet that we were indeed right, the original Rayman will be out tomorrow on the App Store. We'll have a link for you as soon as possible.

Rayman's official Twitter account just posted this:

It seems like the original Rayman is coming to mobile next week isn't it? The fist that you see features the design of the first Rayman.

Later on, someone asked (in French) "It's gonna be impossible to finish the game with touch controls" to which the Twitter account answered "You're not really brave ;)"

I think it's confirmed folks!

With a bit of luck, it will be based around Rayman Gold, a version that came out on PC a long, long time ago. It featured tons of levels and a level editor.

Be warned though, it's a really hardcore platformer that was tough on a keyboard. It's gonna be interesting to see how they adapt it to touch.

It's a really great surprise though as it was bloody marvelous. Look for it on February 18th then.