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Random Fighters is a pixel art fighting game that adds puzzles to your punches

Brain and brawn

Random Fighters is a pixel art fighting game that adds puzzles to your punches

Random Fighters looks like it may have something for fans of both fighting games and puzzle games.

In short, it does to the fighting game genre what 1000000 and Puzzle Quest did to the RPG. That is: adding puzzles to the mix.

Rather than control your fighter directly you have to find and match icons hidden inside a 5x5 grid to issue attacks. There are normal attacks, special attacks, and empty squares to find in the grid.

You can customise which attacks your fighter performs as you progress through the game. You can also change their whole look if you wish.

Now, the strategy behind maximising the damage you issue to your opponent is something you'll have to discover. It could be that there isn't much of a strategy.

Developer Whootgames says that you'll need to tune up your "memory and guessing skills" to be successful. So the "random" in the game's title is reflected in its puzzles. But the implication is that there's also a memory game here too.

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Looking beyond its puzzles, the most appealing part of Random Fighters is its animated pixel art. It looks great in motion with fighters unleashing fire and fury from their hands. It surely makes each attack feel satisfying.

It's also worth noting that the game has three game modes. There's a Story Mode that'll lead your character towards winning the Championship. An Online Mode lets you fight against other players.

And, finally, the Survival Mode tests your endurance against an endless stream of fighters. Luckily, you restore some of your health after each victory.

You can download Random Fighters for free on Google Play.