Ragnarok: Origins’ massive holiday update adds a new class, events, and multiple rewards

Ragnarok: Origins’ massive holiday update adds a new class, events, and multiple rewards
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It's time to spend the entire week celebrating on Ragnarok: Origin! Beginning today, until December 31st, Gravity is hosting numerous in-game events. Ragnarok: Origin, which is part of the insanely popular Ragnarok series, is receiving a massive year-end update. Players can earn numerous rewards like costumes, accessories, and more by simply logging in and participating in limited-time events.

Holiday Events

Just by logging in, players are eligible to receive winter costumes and gacha trinkets. Some monsters in the world will be wearing Santa hats and will drop extra rewards when defeated. Throughout the week, players will also have a chance to participate in snowball fights in the special area. The time slots for the War of Snow Plain are 11:00-13:00, 16:00-18:00, and 22:00-23:59. Lutie Plain will also hold daily treasure hunts where players must look for snow-related items that will provide lots of rewards. Taking part in all these events will also give players all the items required to build a snowman. The server population will determine the snowman’s progress and players will receive goodies based on what stage their snowman reaches.

Returning Player Recruitment Program

It is a great time to return to Ragnarok: Origins once again. Current players who are at least level 25 and returning players above level 55 are eligible to participate and can do so by visiting Sprakki. The program will run until January 22ndand will provide both returning and current players with special tokens that can be exchanged for multiple items in the special shop.

Monk Class

A brand new second class has also been introduced with this update. The Monk Class can now be chosen as a job progression. Monks are adept in close-quarters combat and are masters with one-handed weapons.

Some other features added in this update include level 80 gear, a new gear modification system to build and modify gear attributes, and Shackles of Chaos, a new dungeon for level 80 players.

Defeat monsters in Santa hats and gain lots of goodies by downloading Ragnarok: Origins for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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