Curious adventure game Radiant One has gone free-to-play

New episodic model kicking off from February

Curious adventure game Radiant One has gone free-to-play
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Radiant One sparked some mixed opinions from us and our community - while we thought it was short-but-sweet and gave it a Silver Award, our App Army seemingly hated it because of its slightly wonky controls. Can't please everyone, I guess?

Or maybe you can. Now you can give Radiant One a go for the low price of absolutely nothing, as developer Fnatic have switched it over to a free-to-play model. It's an opportunity to make your own mind up about the game and the first episode of its story.

Sorry, episode? Oh, right. The reason for the shift in monetisation is that Fnatic are switching over to an episodic model for the game, with new chapters planned to be added to the game each month. So, try out the first episode, and if you like it, you can pick up the rest.

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The first new episode is called The Secret, and sees you helping a woman named Rachel escape a creepy mansion and a weird creature that grows in size as she gets more anxious. There's a playable teaser already available to play in Radiant One, and the full episode is due to launch in February.

Don't worry if you already bought the game, however. The Secret will be given to you for free as thanks for already stumping up money for the initial release of Radiant One. You'll probably need to pay for any additional episodes, however - Fnatic hasn't been entirely clear on how much these episodes will cost yet, but we'll let you know when we find out more.
The move to free-to-play may surprise people given how it's very much a "premium" experience, but this could work out quite well for Radiant One. Plus, with a free-to-play model in place, we might see the game finally land on Android, where free-to-play is king.

You can pick up Radiant One right now for free on iOS. We'll be sure to keep you informed if any fresh information about The Secret or other chapters pops up.

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