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Rule over an entire empire in Puzzle Craft 2 out now on iOS


Rule over an entire empire in Puzzle Craft 2 out now on iOS
| Puzzle Craft 2
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Puzzle Craft 2 challenges you to build your very own empire in a fantastical new land on iOS right now.

You'll dig in alongside your workers, farming crops and excavating mines. It's also important to get sailing across the sea as many small settlements are waiting to be turned into thriving towns for your workforce.

To craft the tools needed to build up your towns, you'll have to match tiles to gather the necessary resources.

Occasionally, you may uncover a rune. These can be used to gain a special advantage like controlling the weather or summoning villagers.

As you explore your new island home, you'll discover new species and resources while the ocean hides even more supplies and long lost treasures.

With over 40 puzzles to unlock and a whole load of quests, challenges, treasures, trophies, and more to gather, Puzzle Craft 2 is easily the biggest in the series yet.

Head on over to the App Store [download] to grab it right now for free.

Chris James
Chris James
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