Classic platformer Putty Squad coming to iPhone, iPad, PSP

Touchscreens to stop falling out through lack of putty

Classic platformer Putty Squad coming to iPhone, iPad, PSP
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Funny story: Putty Squad first came out on SNES in 1994. It was also developed for the Commodore Amiga, and got excellent reviews in magazines like Amiga Power, but it was never actually released for that platform.

This meant that the more urbane, intelligent, and downright discerning Amiga gamers never got to play it. The SNES lot, meanwhile, never really appreciated it.

Now, Putty Squad is getting another chance to shine on iPhone, iPad, and PSN.

Starring a blob of silly putty that inflates, stretches, flattens, bounces, and in all respects behaves like putty would if it had a brain and central nervous system, Putty Squad sees you traversing a parallax scrolling world besting 2D goons and rescuing Putty's friends.

It's a slow-moving affair, a world away from the twitch-gaming of Sonic The Hedgehog, so there's every chance it'll work well on a touchscreen, and it's likely to work well on PSP.

We'll let you know when the game hits PSN and the App Store some time this autumn.

Rob Hearn
Rob Hearn
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