Complete puzzles in order to look after puppies in Puppy Sanctuary

Coming August 14th

Complete puzzles in order to look after puppies in Puppy Sanctuary
| Puppy Sanctuary

A couple of months back, developer Clockwork Pixels released a somewhat strange little title called Kitten Sanctuary - a match-three puzzler that tasks you with looking after a clowder of furballs.

Not everybody loves cats, though, which is probably why the same dev is launching Puppy Sanctuary on Apple's App Store on the August 14th.

Just like you do in Puppy Sanctuary's kitty counterpart, you complete puzzles in this mutt-based affair in order to nab enough supplies and other items to care for and play with your new hairy friends.

You will be able to download and play Puppy Sanctuary for free, but you'll need to spend 69p / 99c on a single in-app purchase if you want to unlock everything this game has to offer.

All of the items, toys, and other goodies you need to be a decent carer can be earned in the game, so there are no further IAPs to tempt your wallet.

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