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Pucca Puzzle Adventure, a match-3 RPG, is out now on Android and iOS

Pucca Puzzle Adventure, a match-3 RPG, is out now on Android and iOS

Takeone Company, the studio behind titles like BTS World, has just launched its latest mobile game called Pucca Puzzle Adventure, which is a match-3 puzzler. It is spearheaded by the titular character, one of South Korea’s most beloved, Pucca, who was rated the most popular character in Korea for six years until 2021.

In Pucca Puzzle Adventure, players will help Pucca to fight and save her world from the cosmic villain Dong King. He had raided Earth three years ago by trying to take over others’ minds. These efforts were however foiled by Pucca and her friends and Dong had to make a retreat since he was severely wounded.

But Dong King is now back for blood and he is stronger than ever. He got his hands on particle stones that allowed him to control minds and make clones. This led to him creating a humongous army and returning to Earth for his conquest. It is up to Pucca and her friends on Suga Island to save the day once again.

Gameplay is of the simple match-3 kind with some RPG elements thrown into the mix. Completing puzzles will allow players to upgrade their characters in order to better use their skills and attributes. Over the course of Pucca Puzzle Adventure, players will come across over 100 characters with their own unique abilities.

In addition to the campaign mode, players can also enjoy a challenge mode which sees them take on other powerful bosses and against each other as well. Other modes will involve collecting, developing, and decorating their own village with special items as well.

Pucca Puzzle Adventure has launched a seven-day event to celebrate its release. During this time, everyone will be rewarded with a number of items such as gems and character gacha draw tokens. A collaboration with the boy band Treasure will also be going live.

Face the wrath of Dong King and help save Pucca’s world by downloading Pucca Puzzle Adventure now for free.

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