PUBG New State's May update goes live with a new weapon, map, Survivor Pass, and more

PUBG New State's May update goes live with a new weapon, map, Survivor Pass, and more
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The final stretch of each month is when PUBG: New State releases a new update packed with lots of content. So, like every month, Krafton has just dropped May’s update for their battle royale and it introduces a new map, weapon, levelling systems, piggybacking, and a brand new Survivor Pass. 

The new map coming to PUBG New State is called Underbridge and will be added to Round Deathmatch. The battle literally takes place under a bridge connecting two watchtowers, which are divided by a stream. Perfect for mid-to-long range combat, Underbridge will allow players to plan out their attack as the watchtowers will allow them to spot enemies from a distance. Unlike Area, this map will not be privy to Care Packages, but survivors will drop in with a set of items to keep them safe.

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The Round Deathmatch’s levelling system also sees a refresh in this update. Combat XP earned will be cumulative of a win or loss, the number of kills and damage dealt. Leaving the match in between will result in no XP being received and after a certain level, players will be awarded with a gun customization kit to use.

Moving on, the new weapon coming to PUBG New State is the M110A1, a DMR using 7.62mm ammo with blazing fast bullet velocity. It has a number of equipable accessories with a good amount of damage output and manageable recoil.

Furthermore, the update adds a much-awaited feature in the form of piggybacking, which finally lets players carry their downed teammates to put them in a safer spot. This, however, will leave them in a difficult spot as no other action will be available to make sure you have someone covering you. Alternatively, piggybacking can also be used to carry an enemy player. To wrap things up, the newly launched Survivor Pass Vol. 7 will showcase Paul Rubin, whose skin can be won by completing weekly story missions.

What’s your favourite part about this update? Download PUBG New State for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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