PUBG: New State turns 100 days old with special events and rewards for all players

PUBG: New State turns 100 days old with special events and rewards for all players
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Krafton’s recently launched battle royale – PUBG: New State turns 100 days old today. PUBG: New State is the third addition in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds series and it takes survivors to the future in 2051. The action is set on the uber-cool Troi map and the game is constantly updated with new guns, gameplay modes, tournaments, and more. There’s a lot to look out for on New State’s 100 day anniversary as well.

In the latest update, a new gameplay mode called Round Deathmatch was introduced. It is a seven-round 4v4 battle, where players fight it out on a new Arena map until a team wins four rounds. With respawns turned off and only a few basic weapons to start off with, it is quite a challenging mode.

A special Round Deathmatch challenge has also been set up to celebrate the anniversary. Between February 18th and 24th, 100 survivors will be selected to participate in two challenges. For the first challenge, 50 survivors will be randomly selected from those who win maximum Round Deathmatches. The next 50 will come from clans who have played the most Round Deathmatches. Winners will receive 10 Chicken Medals, 10 Royale Chest Tickets, and 10,000 BP.

A special 100-day bonus login event is also being held between February 18th and 20th. Players will receive multiple rewards in their in-game mailbox by simply logging in. Additionally, players can also get their hands on the new Survivor Pass Vol. 4 featuring Mayhem’s Doug Bikerway. New guns introduced this month include the 9mm SMG – the MP5K and the silent but deadly Crossbow.

Take advantage of all the free rewards being showered on players thanks to PUBG: New State’s 100-day anniversary celebration by downloading the game for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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