Proven Lands is a beautiful sci-fi sandbox roguelike heading to iOS and Android

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Proven Lands is a beautiful sci-fi sandbox roguelike heading to iOS and Android
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In Proven Lands, everything seems to be against you. Sure, the alien flora is beautiful, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hide danger.

You're the lone survivor of a crash landed spacecraft. Stuck in the desert of an alien planet, and with only a few resources, this sci-fi sandbox roguelike drops you in at the deep end.

Your first priorities are finding water, food, and ensuring you can rest in safety. After that, Proven Lands is all about exploring the beautiful landscapes, learning new skills, and surviving.

Proven Lands

The world is procedurally generated and goes on forever, providing hills, forests, canyons, rivers, as well as the desert to roam. Inside of these biomes are randomly generated creatures, plants, items, and quests to embark on.

You'll gain new abilities by being brave and trying out new things, which will lead to skill and tech upgrades. There's also a mood, trait, and ambition system that makes your character unpredictable at times.

As you expect from a roguelike, permadeath is in place, so combat should be measured rather than rushed. You'll also want to ensure you don't die of lack of oxygen, or something equally as trivial.

Proven Lands

Proven Lands will be coming to Kickstarter in the next couple of months. It will be available for PC, Mac, Linux, as well as iOS and Android. The plan is to supply the story in five chapters included in the single price.

Keep an eye on Proven Lands over on its official website. We'll let you know when you can support it on Kickstarter.