Adult Swim Games is bringing physics-based survival platformer Rain World to Vita

Bring a brolly

Adult Swim Games is bringing physics-based survival platformer Rain World to Vita

Adult Swim Games will publish Vita platformer Rain World, which was successfully crowd-funded on Kickstarter last year.

There are no games that I can think of that act as decent comparisons to Rain World. It's a unique game, and for many reasons.

Let's start with the environment. For most of the year, deadly rain descends upon Rain World's abandoned industrial environment, crushing anything that it falls upon with its weight.

But for a couple of days, the rain stops, and the hibernating creatures come out to gather food. Unfortunately, you're a slugcat and are not on top of the food chain.

As such, gathering food for yourself and your kids is fraught with danger.

What really wins my attention regarding Rain World is the dynamic AI of the lizards that hunt you. They'll chase you anywhere they can reach and will do so in packs. If they catch up to you then it will be a quick end.

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Luckily, you're nimble and resourceful, able to jump, climb, and move through narrow spaces with ease. Relying on reflexes and quick wit will occur often as you squirm for your life.

However, all interactions and movements are physics-based, so not everything is predictable. It also means you can fashion weapons from the environment, such as spears and rocks.

Rain World's survival-based play is framed by an emergent sandbox-style narrative that is open ended. Everything you do has consequences, especially in this tight battle of resources.

There is no details on when we can expect Rain World to come to Vita yet. But you can find out more details on its official website.