Vijay Singh returns to mobile

Putt your hands together for Pro Golf 2007

Vijay Singh returns to mobile

Now that all the excitement around the Ryder Cup's out of the way, it's time to get back to good old-fashioned mobile golf games. The big question: Can anyone tame EA's Tiger Woods?

Gameloft hopes its new Pro Golf 2007 feat Vijay Singh is the game to do just that. The publisher is particularly proud of the proper 3D surfaces in the game, which affect the ball's trajectory in a realistic stylee. (Erm, I think this means you can roll down steep slopes into the water as often as you want).

The game is based around a pro career, where you have to earn as much money as possible and reach the top of the golfing world, as well as buying extra equipment (and silly trousers) along the way. Vijay himself will pop up giving you hints and tips as you go.

You'll also be able to play alone or against a friend in quick matches and tournaments, and Gameloft reckons the game is easy enough for golf newbies to grasp, with enough special effects to please experienced swingers (ahem, not that kind).

Pro Golf 2007 is out this month. Click 'Track It!' for a weighty nine-iron when our review pops up on the green.