Princess Fury slashes her way onto the iPhone

Damsel causing distress

Princess Fury slashes her way onto the iPhone
| Princess Fury

Princesses don’t appear to make the best lead characters for video games, considering their uncanny knack of being captured by pretty much everybody going (how can any sane individual get kidnapped by a turtle, I ask you?)

Princess Fury, as the name suggests, is not the kind of princess who would go down lightly, though. While she does wear a neat little tiara on her purple-haired head, her royal airs are slightly undermined by the humongous sword she carries around behind her.

The game is a side-scrolling, slice-'em-up in which you have to smash your way through 20 stages and against ‘up to 100 enemies at once’ in order to beat up an evil overload and save the fantasy world from tyranny.

As well as the standard ‘hammer attack button until things fall over’ method of offence, the princess is also capable of using magic attacks to strike a number of creatures down, which should prove useful once 100 of the blighters start popping up.

Unlike other action-types, the princess isn’t expected to do all this alone. Using her womanly charms, she can persuade a number of loyal followers to fight alongside her, each with a specific name, appearance, level, and ability.

We don’t have a release date for the game just yet, but in the meantime you can take a look at the striking screenshots of the princess doing her thing. That is to say, ‘cutting through swathes of enemies’ and not ‘riding a horse and looking pretty’.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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