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Free iPhone game: Pricklees

New freemium music game

Free iPhone game: Pricklees
| Pricklees

Jump, duck and roll to the beat with the Pricklees! Try out IUGO’s latest venture with this unique and highly fun 2D/3D rhythm- based game.

This is a music game made for everyone… just try and put it down.

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Features include:

* 3 adorable characters you wish you could cuddle; too bad about those prickles!
* Unlock more content through IAP
* 3 levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard for tons of replayability
* Unique rhythm-based gameplay
* Dead easy controls, intuitive UI
* Dynamic 2D/3D environments
* 7 Fresh Electronic tracks
* Look for more songs in future updates

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iTunes link
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