Disney dusts down the Power Rangers for DS dust up

They're as Mighty Morphin as ever

Disney dusts down the Power Rangers for DS dust up

Like the cardboard box in your attic that's full of old toys, the (Mighty Morphin) Power Rangers and 2D gaming action could be considered things of a past era.

However, our kidult generation reckons everything's still up for grabs, which might explain why Disney is preparing to unleash Power Rangers: Super Legends – a 2D action game full of special moves and devastating super attacks.

In fact, its timing is based on the 15th anniversary of those legendary spandex-suited and masked heroes, with the game itself marking out the entire lifespan of our slightly cheesy, multicoloured chums who loved to strike a pose.

Starting with the original Mighty Morphin generation, then, it takes us all the way to the current Operation Overdrive team – something that will provide a total of 16 playable characters.

Of course, you can't have heroes without villains, and so hordes of henchmen and powerful bosses, such as Lord Zedd, are promised throughout the 24 single-player missions. Expect several simultaneous baddies to be available to be on the sharp end of those devastating super attacks, with battles concluding with dramatic, stylus-based, finishing blows.

But it's not just fist-to-face fighting – other options include the ability to use vehicles such as flyers, light skimmers and one-man attack craft.

There will also be a two-player co-op mode, so you and a Power Ranging chum can fight your way through the game together.

Power Rangers: Super Legends is due to be released sometime during the autumn. Click 'Track It!' to be hit by any further updates.

Jon Jordan
Jon Jordan
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