XMG takes to the high seas in freemium iOS pirate hybrid Powder Monkeys

Simian sailors

XMG takes to the high seas in freemium iOS pirate hybrid Powder Monkeys
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As my long suffering family can attest, I'm not a big fan of ceremony; birthdays and Christmas at a stretch.

So, for me, Talk Like A Pirate day - 19th September - won't rank high on my list of important dates.

Still, no doubt, there's going to be a bunch of pirate-related mobile games practising their arrrrrrs and m'hearties come Monday.

Monkey magic

One such is XMG's Powder Monkeys. Cool name, and the setting just gets more strange from then on in, because - apparently - the world was engulfed by a new ice age and only monkeys and insects survive. Following the melt, monkeys and insects take to the high seas to enjoy giant pirates battles.

And that's the point at which you set sail. Pimping out your ship, you travel around conquering islands and plundering treasure chests, gaining experience and resources in the process.

The in-game currencies are Monkey Coins and Golden Banana Coins, which you'll need to stock up on so you can buy bullets for your cannons, upgrade your ship and buy power ups.

"Powder Monkeys combines the exploration and adventure of a role-playing game with a battle mechanic that has a tower defence feel," said Ray Sharma, XMG Studio's CEO,

A freemium game for iPhone and iPad, Powder Monkeys will be out on Monday.

You can get a taste of the set in the following trailer.

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