Portal on iPhone no fake

We have a working build of ‘Teleport’

Portal on iPhone no fake
| Portal

Last week we brought you news of an email we’d received from a cheeky crew of coders claiming to have made a fully functioning version of Portal, the PC and console smash from Valve. There’s even a video of the thing in action, although there was a great deal of debate over its authenticity.

Well, it turns out that it IS the real deal. We’ve recently received a working – if early – build of the game, tentatively titled ‘Teleport’. It has to be said that the project looks to be on some seriously shaky legal ground, and no amount of subtle name-changing can change that fact.

For now, though, we’re just excited that such an ambitious project is achievable on iPhone. The game involves some seriously mind bending elements, as you create reality distorting portals that might send you in through a wall and drop you out from the ceiling above.

We’ll bring you our hands on impressions soon.