Valve's Portal opened on the iPhone

But is the cake a lie?

Valve's Portal opened on the iPhone
| Portal

A rather furtive email was slipped under our door last night, which has us itching with trans-dimensional excitement.

It seems a few adventurous coders decided to test the iPhone waters by putting together a clone of Valve's smash hit puzzle game Portal - with quite impressive results.

While it's missing one or two inconsequential effects at this point, the orange and blue portals and your good friend the companion cube appear to be working beautifully.

From what we can tell this isn't official in any way, but Valve is renowned for embracing fan-made content, so it's not at all impossible that these skilful iPhone test subjects could have a cake waiting for them on the App Store.

More news as we get it, but in the meantime, here's the iPhone port of Portal as it currently stands.

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