Portal Knights is giving you new reasons to explore in its latest update

Back to the dungeons, everyone

Portal Knights is giving you new reasons to explore in its latest update
| Portal Knights
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Portal Knights Adventurer Update, out now, is sure to please folks looking for fresh quests and treasure to fill out their sandbox. The update is a doozy, with new characters, items, quests, and other general improvements. The Adventurer Update introduces a new warrior guild that adds new NPCs, quests, and items in the new Fort Finch. Players can find new items and accessories to help them build unique bases. Players will now also have the ability to teleport NPCs to their home world to add some life to their islands.

Combat, too, is about to get a lot more interesting. More than 20 new weapons have been added to the mix, and weapon crafting will be a bit more intuitive. And for all you dungeon crawlers out there, you’ll find treasure chests hiding in the darkest, most dangerous tunnels within the dungeons. Portal Knights now also supports MFi controllers, if you prefer to forgo the touch controls.

On top of all of that, Portal Knights is celebrating the Chinese New Year with a special Spring Festival event running through March 5. The even introduces a new series of quests tasking players with helping the Emperor solve a troubling mystery. Players will be rewarded with Spring Festival decorations, pets, and a new themed island.

You can read the patch notes in full over on the Portal Knights website.