App Army Assemble: Poosh XL - "Does this neon-infused high score chaser possess that all-important 'one more try' factor?"

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App Army Assemble: Poosh XL - "Does this neon-infused high score chaser possess that all-important 'one more try' factor?"
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Poosh XL is the latest game from developer Adamvision, who has previously released Ding Dong XL, Orbt XL, and Bit Blaster. The newest entry in their library is a one-button score chaser with a neon aesthetic. It has all the makings of a 'one more try' kind of game, so we handed it over to our App Army to see if they believed it deserved that title.

Here's what they said:

Eduard Pandele

Poosh XL is a devious strategy game hidden under a great arcade makeup. A metronome-like arrow balances relentlessly, while a power indicator moves up and down the arrow. Tap the screen to launch your ball in the direction and with the power indicated by the arrow; climb as much as possible without touching the walls or the obstacles, while picking up the powerups. That's all. And yet... If you fall prey to the pretty synch music and start climbing as fast as possible, you'll die.

Over and over and over again. If, instead, you treat this as a turn-based strategy game and start pondering your next moves in advance (remember: you can wait for the arrow to move/fill up) then you'll find out, like I did, that all of a sudden you climb higher. A cool little game made even more interesting by the additional Challenge mode (12 increasingly devious levels that'll have you throwing your phone in frustration... then picking it up and starting it again). Highly recommended.

Oksana Ryan

I found this game really annoying when I first started playing it. I found it difficult to master what seemed to be easy controls, but once I got the hang of it, I found it a satisfying challenge. There is a ‘survival mode’, which is great to see how far you can go before you crash and burn. Then there is also the ‘challenge mode’ which I thought was the most fun. With graphics that are simple but fun, controls that are one finger tap and music that blends in well with the gameplay, this is definitely a fun time waster. I would recommend it for those times when you need a quick, pick-up-and-play distraction.

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Jason Rosner

Poosh XL is listed as a one-button arcade score chaser and that had me hooked from the start. I grew up falling in love with arcade games, and one thing they almost always have in common is the constant pursuit of high scores. While Poosh XL takes a minimalistic approach, it does so with great execution of its gameplay. This is a necessary component of games that require both precision and repetition to earn a spot at the top of the leaderboards. Poosh XL has two basic modes: survival and challenges.

The latter is done in individual levels, but survival was where I spent most of my time. It’s an endless mode with fast restarts for that one-more-try appeal. The controls are flawless, and the retro graphics are simple and clean, giving off that old-school Atari vibe. On top of all this is the best music I’ve heard in a game this year with a sound that seems to have come straight out of the 80s.

Torbjörn Kämblad

Ouch, that sound of glass shattering really sends shivers down my spine. And the sound is something I get to hear a lot. Poosh is a game taking cues from both games like Space Invaders: Infinity Gene and jump/slide/run as far as you can, to me Canabalt springs to mind. Hit the sides, crash, hit an obstacle, crash, be too slow in general, crash. An easy formula enhanced by powerups, and the controls letting you aim your next space leap up.

I liked the presentation, the crash, and the music quite a lot. However, I had difficulty getting the timing right. I usually like to play on the edge close to the obstacles but often found myself crashing instead of making a close next thrust upwards. I would really recommend this game as a free-to-play or demo with purchasable full game unlock. If you get hooked you will buy it, if you don’t you will feel like you spent too much.

Robert Maines

Poosh XL is a simple arcade where all the control you have is deciding when to push on the touchscreen. You guide your circle up the screen and must avoid the walls and the various obstacles otherwise it’s game over. The catch is that you can only move the circle where a swinging arrow points. The arrow has an energy bar that fills up and drains and this determines how far you will move. There are power-ups to pick up and a challenge mode when/if you get bored of survival mode. It’s frustrating at first as you get used to the control method. However, it is also addictive like the arcade games of old and you quickly want to hit retry. The graphics are cool-looking vectors and the music has a good beat. Gets a thumbs-up from me.

Jojó Reis

Very simple but very addictive game, POOSH XL is one of those games where at first you feel everything is very simple but do not stop playing, its sounds and graphics give a fun experience. The objective of the game is simple, you must climb as high as possible with an object, the game only has one button that serves to shoot in the direction that the object is aiming, but in the middle of the course, you will have other objects getting in your way. Everything works in a simple, more addictive way. Cool!

Chad Jones

Poosh XL is like the spiritual successor to Ding Dong XL (a sleeper hit that gained succession by word of mouth) you try to get your ball as far as you can and try to nail the biggest score (I’m currently 26 at the time of writing this). The music is great, the controls superb and of course, it’s going to challenge you giving you that “one more try” feeling. There are 2 modes of play, survival (high score) and challenges. There aren’t any unlockables like Ding Dong XL which is unfortunate but overall I am really enjoying my time with it and it’s just as addicting as its predecessor.

Mark Abukoff

I love the simple one-button arcade action and the cool neon look that gives Poosh XL a great simple retro vibe. The music and sounds also contribute nicely to that. It took me a while and a lot of patience to get the hang of this easy-to-learn/hard-to-master score chaser. I mostly played survival as I was learning and, as they say, trying it just one more time… but the challenges have their own unique attraction. I like the fact I can compete with myself- my best results and my latest results, as well as global leaderboards. Overall it’s a simple (but not too simple- there are skills to learn and power-ups to help you) well designed and great-looking arcade game. Worth the price if you like these. Happily recommend.

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