Deal yourself in for Pokermillion The Masters

Could this be the glitziest mobile poker game yet?

Deal yourself in for Pokermillion The Masters

Player One is going all in with Pokermillion The Masters, which it reckons is the most advanced mobile poker game ever.

Tying in with Sky's Pokermillion Masters pro-celebrity tournament, which kicks off next month, the game includes a career mode where you start as a two-bit hustler, and try to win your way through a series of exotic locations to compete in the Masters tournament itself.

Pokermillion The Masters features pot-limit and no-limit rules, and there's 24 different characters to face off against, each with their own playing style and insults.

If this sounds like only poker-heads need apply, don't worry. Player One is promising comprehensive in-game tutorials and coaching to make sure you know your onions (and can convince other players that you've only got carrots).

The game will also have a non-career cash game mode, where the aim is simply to build up a mountain of dosh. The graphics have also been worked on since the last Pokermillion game, with six locations and a nifty scrolling table.

Pokermillion The Masters is out now. Click 'Track It!' to be dealt in when we publish our review.