Pokémon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra Walkthrough

Pokémon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra Walkthrough

Everything you need to be able to complete the Crown Tundra story and catch Calyrex right here

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Pokémon Sword and Shield's final expansion has finally released upon the masses, the Crown Tundra, a brand new area that also opens up many brand new Pokémon to catch, in addition to a massive new Wild Area.

In this Crown Tundra walkthrough, we'll be going over how to complete the main quest of The Crown Tundra, which is discovering the legendary Pokémon Calyrex, restoring his power, and returning The Crown Tundra to prosperity. Or, y'know, catching the legendary Pokémon ourselves, whatever really.

Crown Tundra walkthrough Nintendo Switch

The main quest isn't very long, however, to complete the full story there will be a lot of legendary Pokémon for you to catch. If you want to catch the legendary birds or the legendary giants, you can take a look at our guides here:

Now that's out of the way, let's get on to the main event and catch Calyrex! Just follow our step by step Crown Tundra walkthrough and you can't miss anything!

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How to start the Crown Tundra, Freezington

Crown Tundra walkthrough part 1 - Wedgehurst
  • You can start The Crown Tundra walkthrough from the train station at Wedgehurst, you'll be given the Crown Tundra pass as you log into the game, as long as you've already purchased the expansion, or you're playing Pokémon Sword and Shield EX
  • Once you arrive you'll be introduced to Peony and Peonia, and you'll do battle with Peony before chasing after the pair of them to find the Max Lair - we'll come back here later, but feel free to give it a try for now
  • We'll be using the map a lot in this guide - from the Max Lair go south and you'll come across the small village of Freezington
  • You'll meet Peony here and in place of his daughter, you'll be completing his legendary tours - all quests which lead to legendary Pokémon
  • To begin the main legendary tour, you'll need to examine a statue of a Pokémon in the main centre of town, near the vegetable patch - it's missing something
  • In your home base - the building with the flag outside - you'll meet Peony again, and he has a "pillow" on the table - take it
  • Put the pillow - or crown - on the statue outside, and you'll summon and talk to Clayrex
  • Prove yourself by defeating Calyrex in battle, and then you'll be set with making the people of the town believe in Calyrex again, so talk to all of the villagers - the Mayor will be most helpful
  • When the Mayor leaves town, you will be able to find him at the old farm - you just head South from the village, and stick to the left to head east
  • Calyrex will need his loyal steed in order to achieve his full power, so let's get that for the wee creature…

The Max Lair and Dynite Ore

Crown Tundra walkthrough part 2 - Max Lair

Before we get Calyrex's steed, we will need at least 8 Dynite Ore, which you can collect from the Max Lair.

The Max Lair is essentially a gauntlet of Dynamax Pokémon battles that you can share with three friends, or, more likely, CPU players.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you should always use a Pokéball to catch Pokémon you defeat, and swap to them if your own Pokémon is low on either health or PP for useful moves. Otherwise skip, and one of your partners may use the caught Pokémon instead.

Choose: Glastrier or Spectrier, and planting carrots

  • Once you have at least 8 Dynite Ore you can talk to the old man at the centre of Freezington, near the vegetable patch and he'll trade you some carrot seeds, which you can use to summon Calyrex's steed
  • Talk to Calyrex about the seeds, and they will direct you to two suitable planters to sow your seeds
  • This is very important, and this can't be taken back: if you plant your carrots at the Old Cemetary, you will summon the Ghost-type Spectrier, and if you plant them at the Snowside Slope, you will summon the Ice-type Glastrier, and this will influence the secondary type of the legendary Calyrex - pick the type you prefer before you go near either planter
  • The Old Cemetary is located South of where you found the Mayor in Giant's Bed
  • The Snowside Slope is located east of where you found the Mayor in Giant's Bed - just keep cycling and head up a snowy path you find near a Watt vendor
  • Once you've chosen and planted your carrot, Calyrex will quickly grow it to full size, summoning your chosen steed, which will then charge to Freezington - head there immediately
  • Once at Freezington you must defeat the steed, save the villagers, and collect the tuft of mane it leaves behind
  • Talk to Clayrex to understand that you'll need to create the Reins of Unity - the Mayor and Peony will help you with this in the Mayor's house
  • Return to Calyrex and he'll declare that you will need to meet the steed at Crown Shrine - Crown Shine is located at the most Northern part of the map, to find it you'll need to go to the Snowside Slope, and continue to head north and up the mountain to find the Crown Shrine at the top

Catching Calyrex and finishing the main story

  • Once you've arrived at the Crown Shrine it's time to catch Calyrex and the steed combined
  • All you need to do is talk to Calyrex, and then place the carrot you collected into the basket on the left
  • Once this is done enjoy the fancy cutscene where Calyrex rides the steed again, and it's time to do battle
  • Finally, you'll be able to use Pokéballs. Treat this like any other legendary - weaken their HP down, try to inflict a status effect like paralysis, and throw Ultra Balls all you can
  • Alternatively, this is a good time to use the Master Ball Peony gives you at the beginning of the game
  • Once Calyrex is caught, return to Peony and you'll be able to witness the final cutscene of the game - but as a nice bonus, you'll be able to go to the Max Lair and find even rarer Pokémon now, including Ultra Beasts, that is if you've also made sure to catch all of the Legendary Birds and Legendary Giants too!

Bonus: Separating Calyrex and Spectrier or Glastrier

You'll find the Reins of Unity in your inventory, and if you make some space in your party while Calyrex is also present, you can give Pokémon the Reins of Unity to make them separate.

This will allow you to use Calyrex and either Spectrier or Glastrier separately in battle, very cool since the two steeds are cool as hell and don't get nearly enough attention. Congratulations, you just finished the Crown Tundra walkthrough! Hope our guide was helpful, and have a wonderful day!

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