Pokemon Masters EX's latest event, Father or Foe, introduces Ghetsis & Kyurem to the game

Pokemon Masters EX's latest event, Father or Foe, introduces Ghetsis & Kyurem to the game

Pokemon Masters EX has been packed with new content recently, with a host of different in-game events taking place. It's showing no signs of slowing down just yet either, with another event now underway alongside the arrival of a new Sync Pair.

The latest addition to the game's roster is Ghetsis & Kyurem, a pair that will be available for free upon completion of the newest event, Father or Foe. This will be available from today until 27th May, giving players plenty of time to acquire this Legendary duo. You can check out a trailer for Father or Foe in the video below.

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Ghetsis & Kyurem are a 5-Star Tech Sync Pair with Ice-Typing and a weakness to Steel moves. The Boundary Pokemon can use Noble Roar to lower an opponent's Attack and Special Attack, whilst Mwahaha! Will increase their crit rate and special attack.

In terms of attacking moves, Kyurem has Glaciate, which will lower the target's Speed and Dragon Breath which may paralyze them. Meanwhile, Kyrem's Sync Move, Absolute Zero Glaciate, will deal increased damage based on how much the opponent's speed has been lowered.

Elsewhere, players can also take on Special Event Phase 1: Weather Alert, which will also be available until 27th May. Trista from the Pokemon Center asks players to look into unusual weather phenomenons that sees a mixture of heavy rain and droughts affecting Pasio. By completing battles in Phase 1, players will earn weather survey tickets that can be used in Phase 2, which is set to begin on 16th May.

Pokemon Masters EX is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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